• ChainOfThought

    I'm a pretty big fan of the lifeproof case I have on my iphone 4.  Tempted to get one for the mini but the damn thing is 120 bucks...little steep for a case :/

    • Kannon

      I thought $50 was steep for a case when I bought an Otterbox Defender for my GS4, but, it's been a lifesaver the rare occasions I've dropped my phone.   The rubber exterior is fading though.  It WAS highlighter pink when I bought it, and now it looks like a Fender CS pink, which is okay by me, lol.    

      Wish someone made a nice, sturdy case for my N72013 though. :( Otterbox does not love it.   Will have to check out Lifeproof.  Also, I had no idea magpul did phone cases, whoa. haha.

    • Zorlac

      "almost better off to just risk it bare-back and by a new one if anything happens."


      Wouldnt it be great if a gf worked the same way?