• Dist_WhiskyCoffe

    Omess, you are a special guy.    I almost forget that stuff.  

    DA leaved the forums because he fear you about your knowledge and about your great kind of talking you have, and your fightings against people that are injust to others.


    Don't worry. He is probably spamming on thousand forums his stuff. He will only get back if his mafia get back.  Themselves shamelessly using their blinded ego called  it  'the top five': gvk, soufly38(sf38) a greatest comic spammer ever and blinded republican as fuck, Push(Phil), Da, KHKHK(goose) and other fag I can't remember, the mod had a very special relationship with those dudes,   (That was when you got off the board Omess, in 2007.)

    Well, Kutje Andjvie had a very 'special relationship' something like a deep sandy friendship with  the mod too, and lovely. (2008/2009)

    Omess, all your posts are golden.