• RZK Spieler

    Well, my collection is a lot smaller, but it's going to grow soon, I'm sure.

    I miss my Mossberg 590A1. I had that thing set up so sweet. Well, here's the current arsenal:




    My EDC, Glock 19 with Trijicon TALO night sights. The other one is my first G19.



    My Keltec PF9. Gun that saved Zimmerman's life. I rarely carry it anymore, but it makes a very useful BUG.



    SSA lower I built, RRA upper, 5.56mm AR15



    My favorite one. CMMG Mk-9 9mm AR15, SRT Arms integral suppressor. I'll have to upload a video. It runs super quiet with 147 gr. handloads.



    Not much to say. Raven P-25 .25 ACP. Wouldn't recommend.



    "Israeli" Mauser K98k 7.62mm NATO. 1940 German MFG, converted to 7.62 NATO in the '60s.



    Russian M91/30 7.62x54R



    Winchester 1300 12 gauge, 26 inch barrel.



    Iver Johnson Champion .410. I got this from my grandfather just before he passed away.



    I need more ARs. I need more Glocks.