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    Official ESP Forums Video Game Thread

    It's a pretty exciting time to be a gamer right now! PS4 is breaking records all over the place, Xbox One is taking over living rooms and entertainment centers across the globe, and PCs are becoming more popular than ever!

    What are your opinions? Which platform did you choose? What games are you looking forward to in 2014?

    I have a PS4 tucked away for Christmas morning, and I'm proud to say I haven't given into temptation and it's still sealed in the box.

    Here's a few games that I can't wait to get my hands on:

    Infamous: Second Son


    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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    • The Guitar

      who here is playing GTA 5, still? Finally got it on ps3 and joined my friends' crew and slapped up an emblem for us.

      post your crew and emblem! 

      eat the cake tina

    • Ozzfun

      Now I haven't purchased either next gen system and it'll be a while before I do. Buy am I hearing correctly that PS4 will likely take the lead this generation? Ithought I was probably going to end up with an Xbox One first, but I am a fairweather fan and I want a winner, goddamnit.