• Bro KV

    Official ESP Forum Firearms Thread

    Anyone have anything new?  Here is some of my collection

    Springfield TRP with Honduran Rosewood Burl Grips

    Springfield TRP Operator Full Rail w/ Bull Barrell

    Les Baer SRP in Hard Chrome

    Springfield EMP 9mm

    Glock 20SF, 21SF and 32 (10mm, 45ACP and 357Sig)

    Glock 29SF 10mm

    Sig Sauer P220 Combat, P226 German and Mosquito

    Sig Sauer Mosquito 22lr

    Ruger Mini 14 and 10/22

    Russian Nagant and Swiss K31

    Sig Sauer AR Piston Driven

    Ruger SR556 AR Piston Driven

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