• metalhobo

    1. Change brands of what? You haven't mentioned this. String brands? Pick brands? Cable bands?

    2. From the other replies in this thread, it appears you mean guitar brands. How are we, the collective forum, supposed to give you advice on guitar brands when we have no idea what kind of music you play or what you're looking for in an instrument?

    3. If you are talking about guitar brands, what in the world makes you think that you have to change brands? Why can't you play multiple guitar brands at once? There's nothing that says you can't own a Gibson as well as a Fender, or a Jackson as well as an ESP.

    4. Do you really expect to get impartial advice regarding guitar brands on the ESP FORUM? Just go to a music store, play some instruments, and make up your own mind.



    tldr; this is a waste of a thread. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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