• Big Daddy B

    wireless system recommendation

    Just wanted to inquire if anyone here uses a wireless system and has had good luck. I have been thinking about purchasing one so could use some recommendations. I previously owned a couple of Nady systems in the 90's but neither was super. I then owned a Sony system in the early 2000s that was pretty good but they no longer manufacture that model, so looking for suggestions.

    • Michal B.

      I can recommend you Shure PGXD14, i used it long time. Really low latency, i didnt notice any signal loss. If you have any additional questions - pm me

    • Shaun M.

      may not be a popular option, but I have a Nady UHF-4. its like 100 bucks (usd) but I really dont think its too bad. I havent compared it to other systems but I dont notice too much difference between it and a normal cable. good cheap alternative.


    • Big Daddy B

      Thanks for the replies. The Shure PGXD14 was one of the models I was looking at so good to see postive reviews.

    • Roidster

      im really happy with my Sennheiser wireless,and it doesn't eat the batteries up


    • Mr.G.

      I've got a Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless System with up to 200 Feet clear, lossless transmission. Not cheap, but good, and got very high ratings as far as I can see. Check it out.

    • Roidster

      my other guitar player has that same Line 6 wireless,i paid $100 less then he did,and i have a 100 more ft then he does go figure,and he has problems with his all the time,they are a nice unit though,but for the price i went with the Sennheiser,plug my guitar into the wireless or plug it into the amp,i cant hear the difference between the 2

    • Vedran P.

      Line6 wirelesses are probably the best u can buy.., but if ur on a budget try AKG SR40 mini.., really good little thing, reliable and doesn't eat alot of b attery.

    • Jeremy D.

      LINE 6 is what all the pros are using. And honestly alot are talking about how Line 6 is really the best wireless they ever used even if they arnt officially endorsed.  Line 6 without a doubt.

    • Gisornator

      I like the line 6 G55. You can either use it "stand-alone" or can put it in your rack with a rack mount (the mount from line 6 is a bit expensive though... ). In my opinion the best alternative in that price range. And as far as I know the frequencies are free to use europewide (neither a licence is needed nor are they "booked" for mobile/data transmission in the comming years). This is something I checked closely when I had to decide between some different wireless systems. And it was also the reason why i picked line 6 since many others had some restrictions on the frequencies.

    • Big Daddy B

      Well it's been several months but finally ordered my wireless. I had a 10% off coupon from Pitull Audio so ended up going with the Line 6 G50. I eventually decided I wanted a pedalboard based receiver and was split between Shure and Line 6. Shure had better overall reviews but most of my pedalboard components are Line 6 and I've had pretty good luck so thought I'd give the Line 6 a try. This is mainly for light duty in home use. This wraps up a busy week of purchases where I also picked up a Roland VGA amp, Roland EV5 expression pedal, Roland RH20 headphones, and a Dunlop Dimebag Crybaby from Hell.

    • Vedran P.

      I recently purchased Alesis Guitar Link Wireless.., I'm was on a budget and I need something to let me roam freely not just around my house, but also on rehearsals and stage.., and so far it works perfecttly.., I have couple of theories, and soon, when I make some more tests I'll write a big review and even (maybe) make a youtube video