• Eet Fuk

    I agree: it is a very good and versatile amp in its own league. Its natgural sound however can be a bit bad, but with headphones, microphones, or connected to a PC via the USB-output, its sound is much more cleaner, more tight. 

    • Vedran P.

      unfortunately, a thing ppl miss is when you watch a video about a piece of equipement (most videos anyway) you have to take few things into consideration.., for example, ppl in those videos use high class custom made guitars, pro studio settings, pro recording settings, pro video settings and, of course, ther're all pro studio players.., so yeah, everything sounds great.., also, everything sounds better in a store (anyone ever had that problem?).., same thing with headphones.., everything sounds better trough headphones (because the ear canal; the sound goes directly into your ear without any obsticle).., but that's just in that case.., in any other case you will probably hear or listen to music trough the speakers, that's why mastering is done only trough monitors and never trough headphones..,