• Samer

    right, so here is my set up effects wise. pretty simple and straight forward. I had to downsize for the new band as I used to play in an alternative rock band and needed lots of effects. 
    Signal chain is not as straight forward. TC poly tune>MXR Dyna Comp>Keeley Mod Boos SD-1> MXR Phase 90>MXR Carbon Copy> Morley Wah>TC Boost> EVH 5150III 50 watt. 

    Wah at the end sounds really nice btw. 

    I've also put up a photo of a guitar am resotring, modding. Its a Gordon Smith Graduate and its 33 years old. had some really bad pickups. I am installing warman pickups in it whick should arrive monday. I do have a youtube channel if you want to listen to how awesomely awesome these pups are. 

    My main guitar is a EC-1000 Vin which I moded by putting Passive Warman pickups (destroyer and Zebra) 500k volume pot, 250K tone pot and a kill switch. Rotosound are my string of choice. 

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