If you're curious what all that sounds like I have a link to some stuff I recorded on bass in my profile. Its pretty amateurish but the sounds are there. Older recordings are fingers, newer recordings are with a pick.

    Also, this forums spam/blocker for non approved members is rediculous. Gotta love it when they tell you you can post because of the links when in fact its because of the 500 character limit.

    • Adrian G.

      Wow man, thanks heaps for the comprehensive response. I was having a lot of concern about the health of the ESP boards there for awhile haha.

      My rig is going to be very underwhelming for some. To tour overseas I'm just going to be taking an axefx. But living with a sound engineer usually makes for some pretty awesome tone searching.

      I'm trying to stay fingers only (for tradition sake really) and I think for the band it will probably suit. They said they didn't pick another audiotionee because his picking honked through the mix.

      Are you currently in a band? I'll go swing over and give it a like :D