• Adrian G.

    Awesome man. That's helpful in hindsight haha. I ended up buying a schecter 6 string. Some amazing bass players I know gave it good reviews. Did you find it hard to adjust to getting good bass tones? 

    • NiZZZZ

      I find it hard to get good tone period. For bass I split my thoughts on tone into two setups.

      Use you fingers as cleanly and consistently as possible. Let the amp do all the work. I found having a distinctive pre-amp sound and lots of overhead in the power samp stage was the key to making this sound good.  My chain used to be effects to Pignose Detonator to Ampeg B 5R to Peavy cab with black widow speakers. Lots of clarity.

    • NiZZZZ

      Use a pick as consistently as possible and let the bass do the talking. It helps if you have a very woody sounding bass. I find the great big wound strings on a bass interact well with a pick and let you get some very heavy sounds by using all the plastic on metal to your advantage. This allowed me to eliminate the extra preamp nonsense and just plug into the amp and go. When I was looking for sludgey in your face tones, ala Russian Circles or Pelican, I opted for big lazy speakers and started using this gigantic Traynor 2 15 cab from the 70s. I found that straight downpicking through really heavy passages would move so much air you'd have to be catatonic not to feel it.

    • NiZZZZ

      If you're curious what all that sounds like I have a link to some stuff I recorded on bass in my profile. Its pretty amateurish but the sounds are there. Older recordings are fingers, newer recordings are with a pick.

      Also, this forums spam/blocker for non approved members is rediculous. Gotta love it when they tell you you can post because of the links when in fact its because of the 500 character limit.