• Peter K.

    My Gear:

    Guitar: ESP VII STD Black, ESP KH2 SE Signature Limited Run, ESP M7 Custom Order, LTD M401, Fender American Customized, Gibson Chet Attkins SST Black, Jackson KV1 98' Mustaine Custom Shop Metallic Black, Dean Rust in Peace, BC Rich Kerry King Handcrafted "Red Marble" V, Epiphone LP Goth customized

    My amp: Marshall JVM410H w/ Vintage 1960 cab., MXR Noise Gate, CryBaby KH95 and Line 6 POD HD500 (use for clean sound, chorus, flanger etc.). For live show only Line 6 HD500, very easy and comfortable, in my city we have no any places with normal acoustic,  the coolest equipment will sound like bullshit everywhere))