• Deni

    As a 5150 mkII user, I played around alot with my pedals and the effect loop.

    I posted my setup in the "Post your set up here"-post. Unfortunately the forums wont allow me to link to it, so I'll paste it again:


    Boss TU2
    Dunlop Crybaby Kirk Hammet signature Wah
    MXR Super Comp
    Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
    Mesa Boogie Throttle Box
    Fulltone OCD 
    Pigtronix Gatekeeper
    JAM Pedals A/B looper
    - MXR Micro Chorus
    - Boutique Phase!?
    - TC Electronic Flashback Delay
    - TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb


    See where I have the A/B loop-pedal? Thats where you go through your Effect loop. The way my board is set up is that I can easilly use the effects loop in my 5150 and use the loop pedal to switch the effects on/off for when I play at home where my practice amp doesnt have an effect loop. 

    A rule of thumb that I use is following:

    Always have the tuner first. 
    Compression, distortions, overdrives, boosts and equlizers always before the preamp. Wah-pedals aswell, however you decide if you put it in front of behind the distortion pedals. I use mine in front, Jimi had both in front and behind the distortions. 
    Reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, basically all modulators go in the effects loop. 

    The Decimator (and other noise reductors) have input/output/send/return jacks. You use it both for the signal chain before the effects loop and after it.

    I would suggest this for your pedals: 

    Tuner (always first)
    MXR 10band EQ (to EQ the base sound from the guitar)
    KH Wah (Wah the clean sound from the guitar)
    MXR Micro amp 
    ISP Decimator Input
    ISP Decimator Output to Amp input

    Loop Send:
    MXR Chrous
    ISP Decimator Send
    ISP Decimator Return to Return in the amp 

    But as R2dhart says, play around with the sound. After all, an original sound is what makes us unique! 
    Good luck!