• donting

    He now uses AXE-FX 2 exclusively.


    I'd go with the Axe-fx if i was a serious connoisseur and had the time / patience to set it up, and if i needed it for recording. They are outstanding pieces of kit, absolutely outstanding.


    Me personally its too much and i am happy with a 'real' amp, because i do not need 1000's of effects options nor do I need 1000's of amp options, nor do i need slick recording capabilities. I just like my 4 main tones (super clean (herbert has it in spades), a brutal crunch (herbert has it in spades), compressed shred lead for the home (herbert has it in spades), and a proper grown ups lead tone (which herbert does not have but I have the appropriate boost/pedals to make that happen). My humble effects board and herbert does me fine - but for some that is no where near enough, and is certainly not practical for recording at home