• Dennis A.

    Which Hetfield Amp Tone/album? & Song, etc, Does He DIG THE MOST?!? Holmz!?, Cause Honestly, If It Is Anything From KILL EM ALL, RIDE THE LIGHTNING, and Parts of MASTER OF PUPPETS, you MUST Know, that Hetfield WAS USING an MARSHALL HEAD, with EL34 Power Tubes!, NOT Any Kind Of MESA!, with 6L6, 6V6 Power Tubes!, AND NOT JUST A MARSHALL Head By ITSELF!, BUT A English MARSHALL EL34 Power Tube Head,like what Iron Maiden was Using at the time!, AND "Juiced UP", with an IBANEZ "Tube Screamer" Pedal,BEFORE the Input of the Marshall, naturally to give the Marshall More Distortion, Obviously Homie,and DRIVE the 12AX7 Preamp Tubes, and Marshall EL34 Power Amp Tubes HARDER!!!if he Prefer's any of These Earlier, Pre 1987,Het Tones MoreSo than ANYTHING that Came with, or After, the $5.98 E.P.,/ and,.....And Justice For All,It IS NOT The MESA/BOOGIE He Is "Diggin'!, did you know that Mesa/Boogie's 6L6 & 6V6 Power Tubes have A BIG/HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Amplifiers "Voicing" and Tone!?, Versus MARSHALL's Normal EL34 Power Tube Amp Voicing Tone!?, a BIG Difference In How The Amp Sounds and Tone/Pick Attack/Damping, which, Mesa's 6L6/6V6 Power Tube Archetecture, is More Like a Hot Rodded FENDER!, Rather Than a Hot Rodded Marshall EL34 Power Tubes, plus the Tube Screamer Pedal,etc, etc

    • 101

      Research axe-fx II and tone matching. There's been a few people doing metallica tones and they are very convincing.

    • Dennis A.

      oh yeah, axe fx, plus many others, are very good to very Convincing famous Legendary Amp Tone Emulators, totally GREAT for Recording, and Inspired Practice Jamming with your Favorite Amplifier Tones!it just comes down to, if your playing out in a Live setting somewhere, What Power Amplifier?, you end up using, makes a BIG Difference, in not only how the Emulation Sounds, But also "Feels", Pick Attack wise,Speaker Punchiness-wise, if you know what I mean, like Solid State Power Amp 'In the Pocket' Hard Stiff Punchiness, or Softer,Tube Power amplifier 'post pick attack', "Bloom"/tsunami feel, etc,etc,