• R2dhart

    I find it best to use as few pedals before the preamp as possible but each amp is a little different. I'm not that familiar with the 5150 so you'll have to experiment. Personaly I would look at putting the tuner, micro amp and wah before the amp.  Experiment with the order to see what works best. The EQ could go before the amp or in the effects loop. I would try it both places and see which sounds best. My expereince for Metallica type sounds is in the loop but YMMV. The Decimator is another one that could go either place. I've had the best luck with these types of pedals as either the last pedal before going into the preamp or the first pedal in the effects loop, but again YMMV. The chorus would definitely be a candidate for being in the effects loop. A good starting point might be:

    Tuner -> Micro Amp -> Wah -> amp in  effects send -> Decimator -> EQ -> chorus -> effects return

    Then try moving a few pedals around and see how you like it.