• Dennis A.

    Or you can Spend approx $333.00 and get the ISP THETA PREAMP Pedal, which Is an AWESOME UNIT, Peaks Out at around 150db Of Distortion GAIN, Which is about 30db MORE Distortion GAIN than the Mesa, or Anything Else Out There Even!and also Includes ISP's Esteemeed "Decimator II Nose Rductition Built INTO the THETA PREAMP Pedal,which is what I did BEFORE I picked up the Digitech SC-2 Valve Distortion for $30.00 Bucks, and to be Completely HONEST, as Awesome as the ISP THETA PREAMP Pedal can Sound, (Like a Cross Between Akira Takasaki and Kreator' "Coma Of Souls"!)I Honestly would have NEVER Bought it, If I had Found and HEARD the Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion First!