• Dennis A.

    The Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion Is A "Pawnshop Prize"! to use a term Dime Used to say concerning Really Great Gear, Nobody Really Knows About, Or Cares About, THAT YOU CAN GET For Cheeeeep Bro!, in all Seriousness the  Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion Is A Killer Tone Generator, Operating at a Higher Voltage than Most 9v Pedals, the Valve Distortion actually Sounds Like a REALLLLY GOOD MARSHALL!, like a Hot Rodded JUDAS PRIEST, "Defenders Of The Faith" EL34 Marshall Madman Studio Session Tube Amp TONE, with The GAIN maxed at a full"10", AND I have ALSO Used the SC-2 Valve Distortion more like a Booster/Overdrive, with the Gain somewhere between " 0","1" and "3" ,for Enhancing an already Great Amp and Gain Level, and Again, what You Get, Is a CLEANER ,yet REALLY GREAT MARSHALL EL34 Cleaner TubeAmp TONE, and all this,for SUPER Cheeep, HOLMZ!, I got mine for $30.00 measly bucks at Sam Ash Canoga Park Ca, and usually you find Em' for about $50.00, Which Is STILL a STEAL, Considering How Awesome it Sounds, Makes Playing Fun, etc