• Death Magnetic

    pretty much a mark or recto would do it. but not really. it's all going to sound good is the point. a marshall jvm is right on justice level. he also used a jcm 2000 in the studio here and there. the entire signal on kill, ride, master and justice was marshall except the preamp was a mark 2 on MOP and justice. i think the black album was when it became mostly mesa, but i don't know because james famous set up was this:

    Marshall JCM 800 as a power amp

    Mesa Boogie Mark 2 C+ into the JCM 800

    Marshall Cabs with Vintage 30's and g12 65's

    that was the meat of the MOP and Justice era rig. anybody else tells you different, they're just bitter the signal was mostly marshall.

    get a Mark 5 if you can. peace.