• barryswanson

    Best Fan boi amp

    So it's my birthday soon and the minister for war and finance said what do you really want. Hinting towards that amp she finds me drooling over on the internet all too often.:hat So now that I have the opportunity to get an awesome amp what would be the best one for a total Metallica fan boy with a major man crush on Hetfield and more so his guitar tone. I'm leaning towards a Mesa Mark V but then I see him playing a Diezel VH4 a lot. Just the thought of getting an amp with real tubes in it gives me a boner thinking about it. I've always had solid state lifeless fizz boxes. So what would you guys recommend for the ultimate Metallica tone?:evil

    • Voodoojunkie

      I would go for either the Mark V or Mark IIC+. I'm not sure that the VH4 is going to get you super close to Het's tone. There is an interview with TC Electronic on youtube where his tech talks and even he says that the VH4 doesn't sound good by itself. It's a lot to invest in for a "new" piece that has been put in the mix in the past few years. Which album are you trying to sound like?

      • barryswanson

        Thanks for the reply man, I guess my question is one that has been asked a million times before. I really like the justice--> garage inc tones. especially garage inc. but saying that I also dig death magnetic. I guess I cant have it all but a IIC+ will be dam near impossible to find in Australia at 240v but does the mark V's IIC+ mode sound any good? A Krankenstein is another amp i'm considering.

    • themisfit138

      Mark III red or blue stripe. I can get dead on Justice tones with my blue stripe.

    • deus ex machina

      Kirk Hammett signature Randall through Dave Mustaine signature cab.


    • Bas D.

      2 ch. Dual Rectifier or Mark V.

    • Breadfan32

      You won't be disapointed with the Mark V!

    • Road King

      Strong troll, OP.

    • 43

      You need to gets you a JC-120, it has gots all the crunch you need.

    • konan

      justice: mark3
      garage: blackface recto

      if u want tones, get a recto & a studio preamp. u can slave in the studio preamp and use the poweramp section of the recto. the studio preamp does master/justice/blackalbum tones like a champ. play the recto when u need balls (load/garage inc tones).

    • jsp

      I thought the Racktifier was either a rev F or G.

    • Geetarguy70

      Roadster is the best of all worlds

    • Tim M.

      I would get the mark V. Its so underrated its mind blowing. Ive had over 30 high gain heads since the late nineties and of all of them the only one I would buy back without question was my mark V. It was just so versatile. The only thing that I disliked was that when playing a mark V has its own vibe that cant be dialed out. Some love it, some hate it. You can get it to sound close to other amps but it always sounds like a mark V trying to be something its not if that makes sense. Right now Im playing an EVH 50 watt and absolutely love it but I would be lying if I said I didnt miss the V every now and then. The IIc+ setting can really get you into justice territory and the IV IMHO sounds better for black album stuff. If you want pre justice tone then you might be looking at marshall style amps. I have never played the VH4 or any diezel for that matter. But no matter how good it sounds that is the new sound of metallica. And even then i hear James uses a blend of a few amps to get his tone.

    • Seth

      Mark III Red Stripe if you can find one will nail Justice and Puppets, with a few pedals and some minor adjustment you can get the Load and Reload tones as well.  As far as clean goes Roland JC-120 will give the classic metallica cleans like ONE and Sanatarium.  However a Fender Deluxe Reverb will get you all the other cleans pretty damn spot on.  Run into a guitar with EMG's of course and Avoice the roadster it will not get you metallica tones that you want.

      If you can't land the above nothing else will do other then the Mark V.

      Do not get a VH4, like mentioned it does not get you the tone you want alone and Hetfield blends it with his rig.  Plus his tone has suffered since adding it in my opinion.

    • Death Magnetic

      pretty much a mark or recto would do it. but not really. it's all going to sound good is the point. a marshall jvm is right on justice level. he also used a jcm 2000 in the studio here and there. the entire signal on kill, ride, master and justice was marshall except the preamp was a mark 2 on MOP and justice. i think the black album was when it became mostly mesa, but i don't know because james famous set up was this:

      Marshall JCM 800 as a power amp

      Mesa Boogie Mark 2 C+ into the JCM 800

      Marshall Cabs with Vintage 30's and g12 65's

      that was the meat of the MOP and Justice era rig. anybody else tells you different, they're just bitter the signal was mostly marshall.

      get a Mark 5 if you can. peace.

    • Dennis A.

      Which Hetfield Amp Tone/album? & Song, etc, Does He DIG THE MOST?!? Holmz!?, Cause Honestly, If It Is Anything From KILL EM ALL, RIDE THE LIGHTNING, and Parts of MASTER OF PUPPETS, you MUST Know, that Hetfield WAS USING an MARSHALL HEAD, with EL34 Power Tubes!, NOT Any Kind Of MESA!, with 6L6, 6V6 Power Tubes!, AND NOT JUST A MARSHALL Head By ITSELF!, BUT A English MARSHALL EL34 Power Tube Head,like what Iron Maiden was Using at the time!, AND "Juiced UP", with an IBANEZ "Tube Screamer" Pedal,BEFORE the Input of the Marshall, naturally to give the Marshall More Distortion, Obviously Homie,and DRIVE the 12AX7 Preamp Tubes, and Marshall EL34 Power Amp Tubes HARDER!!!if he Prefer's any of These Earlier, Pre 1987,Het Tones MoreSo than ANYTHING that Came with, or After, the $5.98 E.P.,/ and,.....And Justice For All,It IS NOT The MESA/BOOGIE He Is "Diggin'!, did you know that Mesa/Boogie's 6L6 & 6V6 Power Tubes have A BIG/HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Amplifiers "Voicing" and Tone!?, Versus MARSHALL's Normal EL34 Power Tube Amp Voicing Tone!?, a BIG Difference In How The Amp Sounds and Tone/Pick Attack/Damping, which, Mesa's 6L6/6V6 Power Tube Archetecture, is More Like a Hot Rodded FENDER!, Rather Than a Hot Rodded Marshall EL34 Power Tubes, plus the Tube Screamer Pedal,etc, etc

      • 101

        Research axe-fx II and tone matching. There's been a few people doing metallica tones and they are very convincing.

      • Dennis A.

        oh yeah, axe fx, plus many others, are very good to very Convincing famous Legendary Amp Tone Emulators, totally GREAT for Recording, and Inspired Practice Jamming with your Favorite Amplifier Tones!it just comes down to, if your playing out in a Live setting somewhere, What Power Amplifier?, you end up using, makes a BIG Difference, in not only how the Emulation Sounds, But also "Feels", Pick Attack wise,Speaker Punchiness-wise, if you know what I mean, like Solid State Power Amp 'In the Pocket' Hard Stiff Punchiness, or Softer,Tube Power amplifier 'post pick attack', "Bloom"/tsunami feel, etc,etc,