• thlh

    Just received my 256 and I love it except that it is very neck heavy. Has anyone with a similar issue figured out where to move the strap button to? I have a wide, padded strap, but it still drops too much. I want to avoid drilling a bunch of useless holes.
    I realize that it's a matter of wood from guitar to guitar as I have owned a few SG's and only one of them was a neck diver.
    I figured I would see if anyone had discovered a magic spot already.

    • Gfunk

      You can either relocate the front pin to the tip of the horn or move the back pin up the side of the body. There have been threads posted with pics. Try a search.

    • thlh

      I DID put it on the tip of the upper horn and now it balances perfectly.

      I now understand why the factory doesn't do it. It's extremely hard to get the drill around the neck to make the hole. Unless you use some kind of right angle jig you cannot put it right on the tip.