• metalhobo

    What do you mean, "can't handle"?

    • Iron Dog

      What do you mean, "can't handle"?

      The distortion pedals I have used, a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem and Digitech Black 13 and Red Special all sound horrible when going through my Marshall rig.

      The Twin Tube Mayhem is currently used through my little Marshall MG practice amp, which is a bit of a waste, but sounds 10 times better. I use the Digitech pedals as preamps for recording, which also sound infinitely better than going through my Marshall rig.

      I also encountered weird problems with the Marshall such as the tone being very weak or weird volume problems, which a tech couldn't diagnose or replicate. These problems all disappeared when I took the pedals out.

      I currently only run a Boss noise supressor, tuner and EQ (the EQ goes through the effect loop) and after my initial post I did some research and found that the Boss pedals use buffered inputs, so I don't think the Sonic Stomp may make any difference, which is too bad as I'd love to be able to run the Twin Tube Mayhem through my Marshall rig.