• deus ex machina

    What kind of home recording are talking about here?

    If it doesn't matter if you have an amp blasting loud, they probably used a tube amp and a 4x12 for the tone on that record. I don't remember if Adam D mixed that one, but it's probably a recto 4x12 and a 5150??

    If you can't make tons of noise... the free amp sims (LePou, TSE, Nick Crow) thru impulses are pretty damn good.

    • shredex

      I'm just trying to get the right gear for recording a project between my brother (drums) and I (guitars/bass). There would also be some internet posting/youtube most likely, and I'm not trying to upload garbage. Nothing major expected, but I'd like it to sound respectable, clean cut.

      Recto's are all over my local area craigstlist. Anyway, at least for the next 3 years or so I'll be in a close proximity apartment that probably doesn't enjoy PWD as much as I do, so volume will probably need to be kept... tamed. Four or so years though I'll be headed into a house - but that's not the point. Is there any sort of way to have a recto head (or any higher wattage head) limited in output while still pumping out the tone?

      Pretty sure my RP1000's pedal just limits the volume of the signal it generates to the speakers. I get the same tone at any volume level. I'm assuming I could do that with a head/cab as well? (never owned a head/cab, btw)

      Any suggestions on lower wattage solid states or head/cabs?, in case the other stuff doesn't work out?