• unforgiven

    bbe sonic stomp

    what does this pedal do and is it worth buying one? thanks

    • deus ex machina

      I've only used one on bass... it's nice. It supposedly rearranges the way the signal's frequencies that come out of it in a more orderly fashion which in turn makes the amp sound "clearer" and yadda yadda. I do like what the pedal does in a bass guitar's signal chain, but in a nutshell, I find it's just a fancy shmancy midscoop.

    • nick c.

      my buddy has one and it makes it sound like a blanket comes off the cab. Just really opens it up, clear sound. It sounds really awesome

    • Iron Dog

      I just ordered a BBE Sonic Stomp for my Marshall rig. I have an older rackmount BBE 461 Sonic Maximizer for my rack rig and after getting it hooked up properly realized the difference it makes and ordered the pedal.
      Simply put it makes everything sound better, the difference is pretty amazing. There's a good review vid from Guitar World for the Sonic Stomp and you can hear the difference it makes.