• Carpe Demon

    I would like to say this. Guitar Center's (or at least the one near me) has terrible selection. Out of the four amps I wanted to look at, they had one, which was weird because it was the one I thought they probably wouldn't have. The Mark V is a pretty awesome amp. I love the fact that I was just plugged into an amp it got the sounds I love. That being said I do want to try out a Krank, the Marshall and the Blackstar, but they had none of them. All they had were Vox, Fender, Line 6 and Orange amps (aside from the Boogie.) I did pick up the MXR 10 band EQ and I definitely like what it has done to my guitar tone. definitely defines it. I also found an old Synth Wah pedal I can use for an auto wah which gives me a pretty accurate Hammet Wah sound, really dig it for that reason.