• Norseman

    That is so broad and general. I would say you need to figure out who your favorite guitarists are and what they sound like and what they use for their rig (keep in mind some use completely different stuff in the studio than on the road). Then start to experiment. It could take years (unless money's no object), because you have to keep in mind different guitars, with different pickups, played through different amps, played through different cabs ALLLLLLL have different sounds. So you could take a ESP with EMG's, played through a Mesa Dual Rec out of an oversized Mesa cab, and then change one thing - strings, pickups, whatever ...and it's going to be a different tone. Even you playing that guitar and me playing that guitar with the same setup is going to sound different. IF money IS an object, try visiting music stores and messing around with what they have. Also maybe buy stuff used on Craigslist so if you don't like it you can try and get back what you paid for it. I don't know what else I could say based on what you posted. But good luck, man!