I was actually going to comment on mids and I see the esteemed Pushead already touched on that. It's been my experience that for the last 20+ years, metal heads instinctively get all scoopy with EQing. And while it might sound OK for bedroom jamming, in real world applications it isn't as practical. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's important to have the right amount of mids, and the right kind of mids (the right frequency target range) but they can do good things for tone. Of course, you have to be careful you don't do it wrong or you end up with a hokey sounding cross between a quack and a honk. But in moderation it helps you cut through in a mix and have fuller tone. On the one hand, I'd suggest EQing one channel for rhythm and the other for lead, but really, anymore, I find I use the same EQ for both. Maybe just set one with a decibel boost for solo. Most good amps have a switch that does exactly that.

    On the subject of pedals, I put a Zakk OD in front of my Carvin V3, which is a beastly faux-Brit amp for metal. I do like the EL34 character, but I did find that the two together were almost "too much" Marshall, so I eased off the treble and presence on the amp to compensate, and I have a wonderfully cutting tone now. But the ZW pedal isn't for everyone, and needs to be used with care, or it can do bad things to your tone or your noise threshold.