• Sixstringhotshot

    Once I tried boosting for leads I ended up using the boost 100% all the time, even clean. :lol I've been using the MXR GT-OD for the last 4 or 5 years and I love it.

    I prefer to have the same rhythm and lead tone, and only adding volume and some effects for lead, not actually using a different channel/tone.

    • suttoc

      This is great information guys. Thanks mucho! I never really thought about the EQ, so I will definitely look into that. Does that go thru the loop or directly in the chain? As far as the OD pedals go, I'll look at both suggestions and see what works best. I've never been a big pedal guy, I guess I've been of the mindset that the amp and guitar will do the talking, so to speak. But I'd like to experiment with some of these pedals and see what it can do for my tone.