OK, I play metal and shred.

    So yes, go ahead and laugh about that, or about the fact that I've always used a modded Boss compressor as part of my rig.

    With my supercharged Gambale-style right hand, it just helps give my fast-and-light picking a little more attack and bite.

    So anyway, I've used my little light blue pedal forever without any complaints, but I've had a couple guys tell me recently that I should pick up a EHX Black Finger, and I'll forget all about my Boss pedal.

    Anyone else use a compressor for metal / virtuoso shred stuff, and have a favorite pedal? Or anyone use a Black Finger? Or both?

    Later all


    • Geetarguy70

      My guitarist uses a Keeley compressor man so it's not to uncommon for metal

    • deus ex machina

      I don't really do a lot of shredding, but I've got an MXR Custom Comp and I love it it. :)

      • Vinny C.

        I don't really do a lot of shredding, but I've got an MXR Custom Comp and I love it it. :)

        Do a little bit of shredding but I love the custom comp as well. An overall really versatile comp. Gotten a lot of sounds out of it just with the front 2 knobs. Haven't really even played with the internal pots so much.

    • JSHRED

      Yeah, I'll check out the Keeley and the MXR. I already have a couple Zakk pedals in the path, another MXR wouldn't look out of place.
      My tone and technique are very close with John Petrucci, and I know he uses a Carl Martin. Never tried one, maybe I'll check that out too.

      By the way, I totally agree about tone knobs being useless. :)

      Thanks yall

    • Roidster

      i got rid of my compression pedal out of my pedal chain,best thing i ever did,all it did was add noise to my signal chain and killed all the dynamics,after talking to ex megadeth guitarist Jeff Young,and few other guitarist in the same thread,and being in a Iron Maiden Tribute band,i needed my tone to be a cloae to Dave Murray tone,and now i have the peice of mind tone down on my rig

    • Shredatron

      I knew a guitar player who uses a Boss Cmp pedal and it sounds pretty good too. If you're happy with it then stick with it. Others can suggest whatever pedal works for them but it might not for you.