• deus ex machina

    MG and Valvestate are a whole different league of amps.

    Older VS's were made in England. Don't know where these MG's are made, but not England, more than likely China.

    Valvestates have a preamp tube which doesn't quite get it sounding like a JCM800 or something, but it does warms up the sound a little bit. MG's are full-on solid-state. MG's aren't really all that much better than your cheapo generic solid-state amp, IMO.

    Valvestates are cheap nowadays because they're old and discontinued.

    If you're aiming Randall... the RH150... is that a G3? If so, then it might be a good idea as well. Those were pretty decent heads too. The low-end is a little difficult to tame on those (lots and lots of huge fat low-end if you're not conservative with how you set the bass knob), but it can definitely be a good option.