• Wyvern Claw

    I actually like Kahlers a lot, I used to have a Hybrid model on my old BC Rich Warlock, and there's a 2315 on my ESP Hanneman sig. They definitely do NOT "blow buffalo beanbags", but not everyone is going to like them either, so I can understand that opinion. I've personally never had any tuning issues with mine for string bends or just general use of the trem on either guitar I've owned that had one. However, I have seen others that do have some issues with them, so I won't flat out say they're perfect or whatever, but solely by my own experience, they have been.

    After playing my guitars that were equipped with Kahlers, my friend actually wants to take the Floyd out of one of his guitars and get a Kahler instead. Personally, I like both equally, but prefer the feel of the kahler over a Floyd Rose.

    I can't give you any info on if your guitar can have one properly installed and have it work just fine, but that's just my two cents on Kahlers in general if it turns out it will work and you think it really is what you want to go for.

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