• shathe

    Obviously your mind is already made up, so I won't let you in on the little secret of my ProStudio Speaker Cable. It blows everything the fuck away.;)


    actually seems like a surprisingly small batch of potential products.
    monster pisses me off because instead of listing the ACTUAL CABLE SPECIFICATIONS, like wire gauge (yeah, why would that be important), they have a long list of "features" like "handwrapped by keebler elves and soaked in magical cheetah urine for high quality resonance field adaptational environmental signal stability".

    • Murdoc

      Monster SP1000 Studio Pro Speaker Cable

      I mean what are you gonna use ,the no-name speaker cable that comes with the head?

      People are gonna moan and groan, Monster rips you off, blah, blah. Hey you wanted to know what we recommend and use. Here it is.

      This is what I use. If you want to go even higher in quality, go with Mogami.