• shathe

    I usually build my own, but with speaker cable, you don't have to be as picky as you do with instrument cables. Pretty much any decent brand you find in the local music store will be fine. Rapco/Horizon, Planet Waves, Pro Co, etc. The biggest thing is I prefer to go 14 ga or heavier, with soldered-on plugs. (Vs. molded.)

    you mean the repairable twist-on metal plugs? yeah, i prefer those too because i like to fix my own stuff.

    what lengths are you guys using? i'm just going to set the head on the cab and i don't really want 50 ft of cable to screw with. i'm thinking 6 or 10 ft would be fine, but most of the stuff i'm seeing is 50 ft. :eek:

    also, any negs in going with higher gauge? 10? 12? should just make it easier for the amp to drive the cab right?