• Iron Dog

    Power Adapter Question

    Hey all, I just picked up a Tech 21, VT Bass pedal for laying down bass tracks and it lists for power requirements:

    Use DC Power Supply only, -9v DC regulated or unregulated 100mA minimum;
    -2.1mm female plug center negative.

    I have an Jim Dunlop USA power adapter that says it's 9V DC 200mA and it shows a diagram with the center being negative. I am using this currently to power a Boss FC-50 midi foot controller and believe I should also be able to use it separately with the VT Bass pedal, just want someone who knows more about electrical workings to confirm.


    • jet66

      As long as the power plug fits the jack securely (not too loose) it should work fine.

    • Iron Dog

      Thanks for the reply Jet, the plug fits perfectly in the jack, but I want to make sure before I use it, last thing I want to do is blow it up and void the warranty. I've sent Tech 21 an e-mail.

      • JDR

        The milliamp requirement is the only thing to worry about and you sound like you have a power supply that can handle that. What Jet said too, the plug has to fit the jack.;)

    • HateEvent

      Current draw is such that the pedal only takes what it requires (a pedal that requires 100mA can be used with an adaptor which offers 200mA).

      Voltage is what you need to make sure is correct. For example, even if current is correct, a 9.6V Line 6 pedal won't work correctly (lots of hum and poor signal etc.) with a 9V supply.


    • Iron Dog

      Thanks for the responses, I got a reply from Tech 21 that pretty much says the same thing, they responded very quickly, awesome customer service.