• TonyFlyingSquirrel

    I've got the EVH wah, it's good with a really cutting tone in the mix but I'm finding it's a bit shrill in the top end like a lot of wahs here. Tried the Cantrell wah and have to say I didn't like the feel of the pedal, trying to engage the pedal felt a bit spongy and slow to go on. The sound itself was lovely, classic Cantrell tone for certain but the switch was awful and it immediately put me off of it!

    Quite interested in trying the Dragon2 Wah as I quite like the samples I've heard of it and I always like Dev's Bad Horsie wah tone so it's on the list as well!

    Maybe the particular Cantrell you tried just has a bad switch. Demo'd gear at Guitarget always takes a bad beating. I doubt it's indicative of all Cantrell switches.