• gorsch

    I just dont think the EVH sounds that different from a standard 535q. And not to discredit him at all, but he isnt afraid to just throw his name on things it seems. The Phaser and flanger I can see him "deserving" cuz he had a signature tone going on. But I dont think I ever said "god that wah tone is great" when I hear EVH. Satch..... does have my interest but looks to "toyish."

    Lots rave about the Budda Wah's for hard rock/classic rock/funk. Never tried one personally tho. I have owned the ZW, Dunlop classic, 535Q, Vox original wah, and a Vox reissue (the $69 one is the same as the $69 dunlop, just different casing).

    Other I used for a long time yet never owned personally were the Vox Clyde McCoy, Dunlop 95Q, Morley Bad Horsie 1&2 and the Ibanez Weeping Demon. I had a Wah problem at one point. Now it's on to overdrives and fuzzes.