• Guitar God

    So, I'm upgrading to EMGs from the stock ESP pickups.

    Are the EMG H4/H4A really that bad? Every demo of them I've heard they sound great, granted not EMG-81 great, but just about damn near the same, although there's that 50/50 split of people who love the H4's and say "yeah get em!" and the other half who are like "blah blah blah get active pickups."
    Although the batteries last for ever in pickups, I really just don't wanna deal with 'em, stupid I know but yeah.

    My tuning's are simply Standard E, Drop D, and Drop C. So to keep my rig set up simple I figured on just getting 3 sets of the same pickups to just yeah.. keep it simple and not have to have a different set up to get the same tone out of 3 different guitars.

    I'm sorry if this seems like "f-ing n00b!" ish but yeah I just wanted an opinion.
    I'm a broke bitch so basically 120$-ish for a set of pickups sounds better to me then $200 for a set.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Hateful comments? lol!
    I love EMG's. And personally, I think the HZ's are alright. I used to have a Schecter Damien FR that had the H4/H4A combo, and they were good. I don't have that guitar anymore. Traded it to help my brother get a guitar he really wanted. All in all, the HZ's are alright pickups. Of course the actives are better, but they're still good pickups. But if you're gonna go passive, go with DiMarzio. Hope this helps.