• sirsloop

    I doooooo!

    Umm... I thought the egnater 20 sounded like SHIT. I've got a Ht5 is a real nice practice amp... great rock sounds, etc. It needs a pedal to really scream tho...either a distortion pedal on clean or an OD on dirty. Nice thing about using a distortion pedal on the clean side is the channel naturally breaks up at high volumes, so you get some of the tube nuances added to an (usually) lackluster sounding pedal tone. Cleans could use some help in the form of more headroom (like in a 20W version). Build quality on my Ht-5 is top notch...just all around nice amp.


    • Murdoc

      Cool man, I am def. getting the 20, are the tubes that these amps come with quality tubes? Or should I plan on swapping them right off the bat? If so what are some good ones?