• davidrf

    LTD EC 1000: SD Alnico vs. SD JB/'59

    Hi everyone!
    I'm about to buy a brand new LTD EC 1000, but I have this doubt:

    the finish I'd like to get is Goldtop, but it has Alnico humbuckers. For what I want to play (rock/hard rock/a bit of not too heavy Metal), they suggested me the JB/'59 pickups, that are only mounted in guitars with Amber Sunburst and Vintage Black finishes (I don't like them).

    Do you think I can leave the Alnicos or I'll have to spend additional money to get the JB/'59 on my goldtop?

    Furthermore, some say an even better combo is JB (bridge) and SD Jazz (neck). What do you think?


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