• cornpunks

    Line 6 Pod XP direct to amp cab

    My JCM 800 is needing re-tubed but I just cant afford to do this at the moment. As I do not have any other amp I am wondering if I can connect my Line 6 pro pod Xt live directly into my 1960a cab.

    Has anyone done this before? if so, what impedance setting on the cab and what connect on the line 6 pedal?

    Any help would be appreciated :)

    • avi8r2005

      You can plug it into the cab if you want but no sound will come out of it. The pod thing or whatever it is is not powered. You need to run it to a power amp or something first, then to the cabinet in order to get sound out of it. You could however, run it thru the effects loop of the JCM and into the cabinet and use just the power section of the amp to power it.

    • StimoS

      Even if you run it thru the fx loop tho. Drives dont sound good thru the loop they need to go in the3 front. Especially if u use wah. Get a cheap power amp and just run it with that. I had my head blow on me and i used my gt-8 thru the crate power block for a gig years ago and it sounded better than i thought it would. However i did have to put my amp modeling back on to give it the push. I usually by pass any amp modeling if im going thru an amp.