• esp_gaijin

    does anyone with good rigs use pedals for metal distortion or are they for people with not amazing amps?

    probably the latter.

    "change the sound of their amp, not for their main tone"

    that's me, and i really only do it to experiment and monkey around by myself; i haven't yet incorporated any such pedal into my rig for actual use on any given song yet.

    my amps: splawn promod, splawn nitro, bog uber.
    what i've found thus far is:
    - almost no "distortion" pedal sounds much good to me with my amps, the only "distortion" pedals i own are a rat i've owned since 1978 that i keep for sentimental, and a "paranoid distortion" that does do a good emulation of Iommi's Master of Reality tone.
    - that i like experimenting with various Overdrive pedals + my amps, often i wind up with a sloppy nirvana/pumpkins/bush/weezer/etc. sound and not really a tight metal (metallica,etc. ) sound. also overdrive pedals + a fender bassman is Neil Young bliss. i have grown a fairly large collection of overdrives and the tubed ones seem to be the best.
    - in the future i plan to buy more boost pedals and experiment.

    distortion pedals worked well for me as a kid with an inexpensive solid state amp who's onboard distortion wasn't very good. specifically: i owned a 65watt peavey bandit and it's overdrive was good for rock/blues but lacked for metal, and my rat let me get metal tones. however i had problems getting the eq to be right for one vs. the other so it made playing in a live setting difficult. this created my want for owning multiple amps and now 30 years later my rig is exactly that - four amps (mesa stiletto for cleans ) and i'm only using one channel on each amp even though each of my amps has 2 channels.

    also this: working 3rd shift makes me tipe too much. :o