• phil

    I've got a marshall VS100 combo , i dont really know much about marshalls . I've been struggling to get a really good metal tone out of it :confused: , i use my FB200 with EMG 81/60 or my jackson COW 6 string with a 81 , boss SD1 is on always for distortion , then amp . it sounds really weak though , can anyone recommend good EQ settings ? i'm going for a thick metal tone thats clear , machine head / bullet kinda tone .

    amp controls are : bass , mid , treble , gain , contour

    thanks for any help

    I say, first off get that SD1 out of your chain.

    I'm assuming the speakers in the combo aren't fantastic, if theyre anything like the MG series marshall combo/cab speakers...yeah you may want to look into a 5150 and a marshall 1960a cab or something, no idea what they go for over there but keep saving if you need to because short of possibly replacing the speakers in you cab, you may not get that MH/BFMV tone out of your current rig at all.

    • bnzboy

      I own a marshall VS100 head with marshall VS 412 speaker
      I also own a mesa boogie roadster with an oversized 412
      I say VS100 has a unique tone that suits well with heavy rhythm stuff
      very tight and straight up sound
      it definitely sounds different than roadster
      roadster sounds more 3 dimensional while VS100 sounds more straight
      the lead sound sucks though..it is kinda strerile
      my countour is around 9-10 oclock
      treble 8 oclock, mid full, bass 10 oclock
      and I use drive channel 2 for distortion, not drive channel 1
      I keep both of my amps for different tones