• esp_gaijin

    i'll probably stick with what i've got and look for a new head. Im beginning to really hate not having an amp right now.

    i ordered my nitro a couple days ago, 4-5 weeks it should be here, you can come up and compare all my amps at that time:
    nitro, splawn promod, bogner uberschall, mesa stiletto, fender bassman

    i am expecting at this point to be selling the ub afterwards, but am not positive of that; if the ub is enough different than the nitro i may keep both.
    not that you'd want the ub, i don't mean that, i don't think it's what you want.

    on the back of my nitro it's gonna say "built for Windsen Pan's psyscho cyber stalker copycat homo". :p:D

    ...nah. :p