• hessian101

    My next Metal amp- help me with my research


    I am looking for the next metal amp to add to my ensemble- what I have now is a Marshall Jcm600 (much like the JCM800) , and a Mesa quad preamp(very much like mark III). I am looking for something that would round out my tonal 'palette'- It seems like a 5150/6505 type amp would fit me best. the only thing I need to decide now is between the 6505 or the 6505+- Is there a tonal difference between the two? What other amps should I look at?

    I have been researching metal amps for a while now, and there seems to be alot of terms used to describe them I do not fully understand- like:

    'dark voiced'

    Could you guys tell me what these terms mean, and then give me examples of amps that sound that way?

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