• esp_gaijin

    sorry :p

    i am being serious tho, you've spent money for a 2nd vs head, i don't think that's money well spent, it's my onion.
    now you want to spend more to have pretty sophisticated control over it,
    again more money spent on bad gear -- IMO.

    i'm not ragging on anyone for not being able to afford better gear;
    i do rag on people for not using what money they have wisely;
    i think buying 2 vs's isn't a good idea, i think spending even further money is making things worse.

    somewhere yesterday i read a post someone said they went thru 3 heads before finally getting a good one; and that all the money they wasted on the cheapie heads they could have bought the good head + had leftover.

    so cereaously, i'm trying to tell you don't waste money.

    i'm cereaous, sell the vs's, combine the funds from that and what ur gonna spend on controllers for them, into better gear,
    NOW, before you waste more $.

    is my onion.