• vitod

    Same signal on two amp heads.

    Hi guys. I now have two Marshall VS100 heads and I'd like to link them on the same signal and control the channel swithing at the same time. I tried the "line out" to the other amps "input", but no go.

    How do I do this? Use splitters or is there something way better?


    • ChainOfThought

      Probably because hes digging the tone of the valvestates. And I don't blame him, they got a pretty unique character. Didn't chuck use VS at least for a while?

      Do they have midi? I have no idea. If they do, get an aby and some sort of midi switcher. Or if theres a midi switcher with stereo outs, get that. Then you can all sorts of crazy combinations and shit.

      What about getting an aby, and splicing a second connector onto the footswitch? Or going pro and modifying the chassis, solder a second cable in internally and just have to cables coming out of the footswitch?

    • robbo22

      this thread needs more tampons

    • LordCliffton

      right on,, good luck! It's pretty much the same setup I've been toyin around with lately..

      5150 head + 5150 cab.. vtm120 + 5150 cab... rocktron taboo artist floor-unit(essentially a Chameleon 2000 to my knowledge :) )

    • barryswanson

      Dude I slave my vs100 head off my mesa mark v and it sounds awesome. To control both amps with one foot switch do the following.

      plug guitar into one of the vs100's then run a cable from that amps fx send to the other amps fx return.

      Then get a guitar cable and plug it into the slave amps instrument input. Leaving the other end of the cable with nothing on it.

      Press the fx input level button in on the slave amp. The only knob that will work on the slave amp will be the fx level knob. This now becomes your slave amps volume.

      The power saturation button is the only other thing that will now work on the slave amp.

      plug your foot switch into the amp your guitar is plugged into and you will now have two amps running from one foot switch. So one preamp into both power amps.