• the_emptier

    i have an HZ in my alexi. and i must say it really is a cool little pickup. of course it doesnt stand up to an 81, but for a passive it's great. i really don't need a change for a long time i dont think. just a new amp for now. but if you need a new pickup then go for an 81 or something, HZ's are good, but 81's have a lot more grit and power. and i was only testing different pickups through a 15w fender amp. on the clean channel, and i could tell the 81 had a lot more "attack" when playing rhythm/lead

    • daddydoomsday

      I think the only pickup that sounds like a passive 81 is the dimebucker. I had the h-4 for a while and it was ok, the dimebucker was a pretty good passive that sounds pretty close to my other guitars with 81's. Still the 81 is my favorite that I always go back to.:hat