I see no problem with HZ's at all. I personally prefer the Active EMG's, but in my EX-260 I don't mind them. They actually suit the guitar pretty well.

    There's a common misconception that they are the cheap versions of EMG stuff, when actually passive EMG's cost only what, $20 less than Active EMGs? I'd actually be interested in trying a tone test with Active EMG's and then Passive EMG's and see how they truly match up. But that'd be too much effort :lol

    • The Sloth

      To be fair I haven't tried the new ones properly.
      I bought a couple of Ltds a couple of years back which came with the original version of the HZs and before I bought them I thought I wouldn't bother changing the pickups but the bridge pickup just annoyed me. It was quite muddy and had some slight harsh frequencies so I had to change them...but whatever works for you!