• TaoZen

    EMG HZ Appreciation thread...seriously!

    I don't really understand the general dislike of these pickups. They actually sound pretty decent.

    The first guitar I ever heard them in/played thru was my Viper 301. I have had quite a few guitars over the years with different pickups, and the HZ's are very versatile. I can play metal as well as R+B and blues with them.

    I just bought a Viper 300 that someone installed a Duncan Custom in the bridge, and it dosen't sound as good to my ear as the HZ. I'm glad that the guy I bought it from kept the HZ and included it with the sale. I will swap them back asap.

    Maybe they don't have as much push as the actives, but they have character and tone, and if you wanted more gain, you can drive the front end with an OD box.

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