• MikeC


    Can anyone recommend me a descent preamp?
    I'm not looking for anything really pricey.
    My amp's a Peavey Ultra Plus.

    • esp_gaijin

      Thanks, Pat,
      I'll take "what the interweb" for $100

      your amp already has a preamp, what are you asking for?

    • jsp

      Isn't Alex the host of jeopardy, and Pat the host of wheel of fortune?

      Anyways, I used to have an Engl E530, and I thought it was a great sounding preamp, especially for high-gain stuff. You can usually find them used for under $400.

    • jsp

      I don't play or listen to death metal, but I'll go with thrash on that one.

    • esp_gaijin

      i have a mesa 20/20,

      what kind of power amp should i get to hook up to it?

      i was thinking should i go with solidstate? or tube? maybe a samson 260w?

      i have a marshall 1960A cab,

      what kind of guitar should i plug into the cab?

      i have a set of stereo headphones,

      i was thinking of plugging them into my metal zone, should i do this or should get a zak wild octaver and use taht instead?

      :p x a baker's dozen